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IPV3 150 Watt Box Mod by Pioneer4You


There is not a single unit on the market that can match the IPV3  150 watt personal vaporizer… PERIOD! This dual 18650 box mod features the sx330 V3 chip with an upgraded function enabling you to vape at an insane 150w ! It  also features upgradeable firmware and comes in a gift box. We have the IPV3 150 watt box mod in black or silver All Vapor Life Vapor stores have a limited quantity in stock now. Don’t miss out on this amazing mod. It looks great and works perfect! Be the first to have the newest 150 watt IPV3 mod by Pioneer4u!
We are not going to do the up and back stuff from the manufacturer which we feel is just a tease. It is in stock now at all Vapor Life Vapor Stores in  both silver and black as well as online at
We only have a LIMITED QTY so hurry in to get yours today! They sell fast!

New Arrival Cereal Killa E Liquid and EVIL PUMPKIN Now In Stock at all Vapor Life Vapor Store Locations

 The Hottest New E Juices Since Cuttwood Unicorn Milk In Stock now!

Cereal Killa E Liquid by 9 South Vapes



The fruity and tangy taste you love from your favorite breakfast cereal growing up with the added sweetness of that spoon full of sugar you added while mom wasn’t looking.

What people are saying about Cereal Klla E liquid…


On the inhale you get a nice creamy taste, kinda milky. Then on the exhale, you get a nice fruit loops taste (some say it’s Fruity Pebbles but it’s subjective.)

is a nice treat to vape after you had breakfast for sure. It’s like having a bowl of cereal!

 Cereal Killa  e juice is described as tasting like fruit loops with milk and I think it hits that mark pretty well. It is a smooth concoction that is simply a pleasant vape. Not only that, it’s the only thing I will continue to vape consistently if it weren’t so hard to get a hold of.


 Cereal Killa  e liquid is one of the most delicious juices I’ve ever vaped. It brings that nostalgia right back of Saturday morning cartoons and eating cereal for breakfast. 

Evil Pumpkin E Liquid by 9 South Vapes
FLAVOR: Amazing warm pumpkin Spice e juice. Tastes like the perfect pumpkin pie!


Just in Time for the Holiday Season… Yummy, warm pumpkin holiday flavor goodness


  • Nicotine Level: 4mg
  • Bottle Size: 30 mL
  • VG/PG Ratio: 90/10

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New Arrival: Atmos Boss Dry Herb Vapor Pen

BEST Vaporizer 2014 –  100% Combustion FREE





Atmos Boss – Vaporizer Pen

The Atmos Boss is a premium vaporizer pen for use with dry herbs, and the first from US manufacturers, Atmos, to offer true vaporization with zero combustion.
The Boss is equipped with an anodized stainless steel heating chamber which features an embedded heating coil and a ceramic mesh filter.  Essentially, this means that your dried herbs cannot come into direct contact with the heating coil – the temperature is controlled perfectly to ensure that your herbs are heated evenly and thoroughly to a point just below combustion.  This results in a pure, smooth vapor, rich in flavours, terpenes and other active ingredients, yet free from carcinogens and particulates that are found in smoke from combusted plant matter.
In keeping with recent vaporizer designs from Atmos, the Boss is sleek, compact, portable and above all, discreet.  Atmos have made perhaps their best looking vap here; the exterior is all polished stainless steel with laser-engraved detail.  The Boss is the perfect size to slip in a pocket or handbag when not in use.

The Atmos Boss is the all new jewel in Atmos’ crown.  It is easily the best vap pen we have seen from Atmos and a strong contender for best portable vaporizer outright.  The Boss even comes pre-charged and ready to use straight from the box.  .
    •    1 x Atmos Boss Lithium Ion battery
    •    1 x Atmos Boss Heating Chamber
    •    1 x Ceramic filter
    •    1 x Mesh Filter
    •    1 x Atmos Rubber Mouthpiece
    •    1 x Cleaning Brush
    •    1 x Mini dabber Tool
    •    1 x Wall charger US Plug
    •    1 x Cordless USB Charger
    •    1 x User manual
    •    1 x Gift Box pack

Laser Embedded Design

The best pen vaporizer in the Industry has finally been released. Meet the Atmos Boss herbal vaporizer kit. There are the best vaporizers for sale if you are a person that loves vaporizing on the go. One of the biggest inventions for the Atmos boss was the sleek and elegant, standard durable titanium build. You could drop this pen vaporizer on the floor and it’d still be running like it was new. This vaporizer just came out July 21st 2014 so it is brand new to the industry and not many people own it.

 Durability & Power

It uses the highest quality heating materials to give you the ultimate vaporizing experience to worry about no problems of combustion when you are vaporizing. It runs on a powerful embedded heating element that gives users powerful heat that uses precise temperature control settings. The structure of the Atmos Boss is Anodized steel, it is scratch resistant and it is capable of withstanding the most common mistakes when handling a vaporizer, dropping it.

 Thick Vapor Clouds

Heating up in only 35 seconds, the Atmos Boss offers a truly quick vaporization experience with many durable functionality, you’ll be sure to be getting one of the best vaporizers in the world. This is a pen vaporizer that will produce very high quality vapor. Now when you open up the herb chamber, you’ll see no more black ash. The Atmos Boss is a vaporizer that produces true quality. Experience a wonderful vaporizing time and vape like a boss.

NEW ARRIVALS:  Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications

New Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications Now Available At All Vapor Life Vapor Stores

 Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications   vaporlifesfl


Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications
The Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications is the best RDA of 2014, first atty to have a hexagonal building deck. 3 negative poles, one center positive pole allow mod enthusiastss and cloud chasers to build 3 or 6 coils, this rebuildable RDA comes with everything, silver coated copper pins, peek insulator, 22mm sub ohm BEAST with massive airflow! Comes with 3 AFC rings (Copper, Brass and a Black Brass) all in a beautiful bad ass camoflauge battle can. Let the Onslaught begin at your next cloud competition!

 The Onslaught RDA Atomizer by Psyway Fabrications comes with 3 AFC rings (Copper, Brass and a Black Brass) all in a beautiful bad ass camoflouge battle can. Let the Onslaught begin at your next cloud competition

Onslaught RDA Atomizer Features:

  • 22mm diameter
  • 304 grade stainless steel top cap and base
  • 6 Cyclops air flow control
  • CNC machined hexagonal positive pole with 5 multiple 5 mm slanted holes
  • 3 negative poles with 2mm holes
  • copper sleeve with triple Cyclops air hole
  • copper positive pin silver coated
  • 5 mm deep juice well
  • All fabricated hex screws
  • peek insulators



NEW ARRIVALS: Authentic Stillare V3 RDA Atomizer by Cartel Mods

Introducing The  Brass Stillare V3 RDA Atomizer by Cartel Mods

New Stillare v3 Rebuildable Atomizerstillare-rda-atomizer-by-cartel-mods-vaporlifeusa-vaporlifesfl

Vapor Life Vapor Stores are pleased to announce the arrival of the newest Stillare v3 RDA Atomizer available at all Vapor Life Locations. The new Stillare V3 rebuildable Atomizer features 3 negative terminals, and one positive one. All of the negative terminals are actually a part of the deck, not just welded on after the fact. All of the terminals feature copper plated screws, and the positive post is copper plated as well. All of this, built on top of a really deep juice well. The Stillare V3 will offer the same adjustable airflow via cyclops style slots, but there are 3 of them this time around. You’ll be able to run single, dual, or triple configurations on this bad boy.

This Stillare V3 has a radical new deck compared to the last version of the Stillare, and might turn some lovers of this atomizer off completely. Others may embrace the new Stillare v3 as a natural step forward in the technology of the atomizer. Either way you cut it, this is one sexy looking RDA.

Stillare RDA Atomizer Features:

  • 22mm diameter
  • 904L Stainless Steel
  • 3 deep juice wells
  • Copper plated Post
  • Copper plated Screws
  • Wire canal leads for easy of wire placement
  • Vertical Slots as oppose to holes can handle up to 20/22 gauge.
  • High Temp Ultem Insulator – similar to peek
  • Innovative Air flow control
  • airflow can be closed by turning top cap clockwise
  • airflow can be run at single, dual or triple coil options
  • Precision USA machining

Recommended build:

26g 5/6 wrap Vertical for optimum flavor and vapor production.

This product is built with Builders in mind… for builders by builders.


NEW ARRIVALS: Bliss V3 Titanium Atomizer by Doc Dave

Bliss V3 Titanium Genesis Style Atomizer Tank by Doc Dave

Titanium Bliss V3 by Doc Dave


The creator of the Bliss V3 Atomizer,  Doc Dave has put excellent machinery into these making them one of the most wanted Genesis style atty’s on the market.

The Bliss V3 is a genesis type tank atomizer made by Doc Dave in Missouri. The Bliss V3 has a 510 connection, a slightly larger tank capacity than its predecessors and requires stainless steel mesh with resisted wire or fiber wick which can also be used with this atty.

Note: Bliss V3 by Doc Dave Titanium “Machined” finish product. All of Doc Dave’s attiys have a small amount of VG residue left in them during manufacturing. VG is used to aid in sliding the glass over the o-rings during assembly. All products we sell are new and never used.

Important Note:
Rebuildable atomizer coils and wicks have known risks.
Rebuildable atomizers are for advanced users ONLY and should not be used by anyone without the knowledge of how to rebuild safely. All rebuildable atomizers should be tested carefully with a multimeter before use. Failure to test properly can result in physical injury. Please use at your own risk.


Vamped 26650 3500 Mah 60 Amp Battery 

Vamped 26650 60 Amp Batteries are
Now Available At All Vapor Life Vapor Stores


Feel the power of the new Vamped 60 Amp 26650 battery at your nearest Vapor Life Vapor shop location. We carry are large selection IMR batteries in all sizes by Vamped, Sony, Efesst, MNKE and more.

Vamped 16540 2000 Mah 40 Amp Battery



The Vamped 40 AMP 18650 Battery is the newest and most powerful vape battery on the market right now from Vamped. If you are looking for the most powerful 18650 battery, then the Vamped 40 amp battery is a must have! The Vamped 18650 40 amp battery is 2000 mAh and packs a powerful punch. The Vamped 40 amp battery has a maximum mAh of 2000 milliamps per hour because of the highest amount of amps possible at 40.

  • 40 Amp Cell
  • 2000 mAh
  • Most Powerful mechanical mod battery

Always use caution when using a sub ohm atomizer and a 40 amp battery. Proceed with caution. Vamped batteries are only to be used in a safe and controlled manner.


Hatter E-Liquid by The Vaping Rabbit 30 ML

In Stock Now at all Vapor Life Vapor Stores

Hatter E-Liquid by The Vaping Rabbit 30 ML $18


The Vaping Rabbit “The Hatter” E Liquid – 99% VG -30ml Glass Wax Sealed Bottles

The Vaping Rabbit is made in small batches here in Los Angeles California.I use local flavoring businesses but also give the line a special and unique taste through a process called steam distillation.Steam distillation is basically a process where you extract the flavors of all real fruit, herbs, and spices by boiling them and capturing the concentrated flavor via steam an ingredient gives off when you boil it. I think that’s what gives the Vaping Rabbit such a unique and palatable taste.
From start to finish it takes about one month to produce a single bottle of e liquid. Everything is hand crafted.


The Vaping Rabbit “The Hatter” E Liquid – 99% VG – 15ml Glass Wax Sealed Bottles

Very Limited Quantity


The Vaping Rabbit is made in small batches here in Los Angeles California.I use local flavoring businesses but also give the line a special and unique taste through a process called steam distillation.Steam distillation is basically a process where you extract the flavors of all real fruit, herbs, and spices by boiling them and capturing the concentrated flavor via steam an ingredient gives off when you boil it. I think that’s what gives the Vaping Rabbit such a unique and palatable taste.
From start to finish it takes about one month to produce a single bottle of eliquid. Everything is hand crafted.


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New Arrival: Jigsaw V2 DUAL 18650 Box Mod by BD Vapes, ATB Dual 18650 Box Mod and
PUFF BOX 26650 Wood Box Mod


Powerful Dual 18650 Box Mods Are All The Rage in The Vapor Community And Vapor Life has Several to Choose From


Jigsaw V2 DUAL 18650 Box Mod by BD Vapes


The Jigsaw v2 is still a unique one of a kind HANDMADE exotic wood box mod. But this is a cross between the full size and mini jigsaw. Now the Jigsaw V2 has a copper floating 510 with straight connection to the positive end of your dual 18650. It also features solid copper bar in place of wire offering the optimal voltage drop!!! This is sure to be one of the hardest hitting box mods on the market today.

  • Gold Plated Battery contacts
  • 16 gauge Wire
  • SS Anti-vandal Firing Button
  • 2.5″x3.75″x1.5″ (WxHxD)

ATB Dual 18650 Variable Voltage Wood Box Mod


Dual 18650 pure copper negative battery terminals silver plated copper positive battery terminals Copper plated button featuring a gold plated brass 510 connection runs on dual 18650 Sony 30 amp (vtc4/vtc5) ONLY! Pushing 60 amps and 5,000 mah.

  •     ATB variable-voltage (VV) basic specifications:
  •     Green LED screen (hidden when battery cover is on).
  •     Adjustable voltage from 3.5 to 6.5 volts (approximately).
  •     Shell is made of aged hard wood w/ ATB engraving on battery door.
  •     Safety protection – built-in protection for short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating. 10 Amp TI chip regulator (Step-down) – provide users wider range of power settings. This mod can go more than 30 watts of power consumption without compromising safety.
  •     Requires two 18650 batteries not included

This is one of the hottest box mod right now. It’s hand fabricated wood box mod, 10amp TI chip. full body, no cuts or glues,relaxed hand grip design, dual 18650, 510 connector w/ juice well, floating pin, variable voltage (3.5-6.5)

ATB variable-voltage (VV) basic specifications:

Shell – Ergonomically designed wood shell, lessens hand stress when vaping, allowing users to comfortably enjoy vaping for a longer period of time. We make use only of aged hard woods, full wood block shell, no joints for durability.

Safety protection – built-in protection for short-circuit, over-voltage, over-current and over-heating. 10Amps TI chip regulator (Step-down) – provide users wider range of power settings. They can go more than 30 watts of power consumption without compromising safety.

Requires two HIGH DRAIN at least 20amp or higher 18650 batteries( not included)


Puff Box 26650 Wood Box Mod


The 26650 Puff Box from Mastavapez in the Philippines is one gorgeous mod. The curved mahogany body is lightly varnished and laser engraved with the Puff Box logo.
Made to accommodate a 26650 battery and RBA, this Puff Box delivers serious vapor.

  • Copper 510 connection
  • Copper firing pins
  • Vandal switch
  • Laser engraved
  • (not fully mechanical)
  • Mahogany and Melina woodBrass
  • Wood natural color
  • T6 alum juicewell
  • Delrin insulator
  • Copper +pin (floating)
  • 16mm gold high rise vandal switch
  • Copper spring
  • Clear coated (polyurethane)





New Arrivals: Authentic IPV2 50 Watt Box Mod by Pioneer4You

The Authentic IPV2 50 Watt Mod Is The BEST Regulated Mod On The Market Today For The Price of a  Clone

Available at all Vapor Life Locations


ipv3-50-watt-mod-pioneer4you-vaporlifeusaThe IPV2 has a massive 50W output and can fire coils with a resistance ranging from 0.15 to 3.0 Ohms, powerful enough for most requirements from an electronic cigarette mod / pro vaping device.

The Box is made in Aluminium

The Display:
The Display is an OLED Screen that shows the battery life, resistance of the coil attached in Ohms, the output wattage & voltage, and the current voltage of the battery.
Battery Compatibility

The Green Leaf IPV2 50w takes one 18650 Only, It is not able to run on 2 x 18350 batteries stacked, It has built in short circuit & reverse polarity protection.


  •         Touch sensor firing button
  •         50 watt YiHi SX330 chip unit
  •         Upgradeable firmware Via USB = higher wattage in future updates
  •         Better solder points than previous Yihi chips
  •         7-50 watt range
  •         2.8-8.5 volt range
  •         DC-DC power output
  •         Fires coils from 0.15 to 3.0 ohms resistance
  •         Auto ohm resistance meter finds ideal voltage for tank/dripper
  •         Wattage output adjusted with two buttons, -/+
  •         Mini USB interface charging port
  •         LED screen with white OLED .96″ display
  •         Battery life readout in real time
  •         Dimensions 100mm x 50mm x 22mm
  •         Locking mechanism to prevent misfire
  •         Chip runs cool to avoid heat and temperature sensor malfunction
  •         Adjustable 510 pin so no gap between atty and box!

In The Box

        1 x Green Leaf IPV2 50w Touch Sensor Firing Button Box Mod
        1 x USB Lead
        1 x Mini Screwdriver

IPV2 Quick Review by Vape Diva

Okay, I have to admit I am a big fan. I was resistant at first because I so love my Hana Modz clone but I have to admit I am truly impressed by the IPV2. So much so It has inspired to write a quick review of this amazing  IPV2 regulated mod. The device is an aluminum boipv3-50-watte-mod-vaporlifeusax mod using the YiHi sx330 v2 chip, it outputs 7-50w, it’s got a touch sensitive fire button (which can be disabled) as well as as clicky buttons for firing and adjusting power.

I am especially impressed by the price. An authentic 50 watt regulated mod  for $120?!?! You cannot go wrong at that price point. it works as intended from .2-3ohm. The case is well finished inside and out and has an adjustable 510 pin (screw adjustment). My Kayfun Lite Plus V2 fit completely flush from the get go and it has an has  adjustable 510 connector screw. Easier than adjusting my  my Kayfun.

I have been vaping on it non stop for several hours and the battery life seems pretty solid. I expect it should last about a day under normal usage.

Things I like:

  • compact box mod
  • good finish
  • adjustable 510 (though screw may need to be removed for flush mounting)
  • simple to use
  • reverse polarity protection
  • solid performance so far for power and battery life
  • shows voltage drop under load when firing (time to clean connectors/bin battery)
  • small screws (many have said they don’t like this though but they supply spares and a screwdriver  just in case)
  • doesn’t get warm when chain vaping / charging

Could be improved:

  • magnetic back door would have made swapping batteries easier
  • No passthrough

Would I recommend?

ABSOLUTELY! You can’t beat the price and it does what it says, the chipset works pretty well and I like that it’s slimmer than a Hana style box. I highly recommend the IPV2 50 watt box mod for the price, power and versatility. If you want an authentic original 50W VW box mod… This regulated mod can accommodate the beginner, intermediate and advanced vaper alike. If you are already zn experienced vaper  or begineer who into or aspires to blow huge vapor clouds and get into sub ohm direct drip atty’s at some point, this is the device for you. the IPV2  can take you from beginner to advanced vapier. I highly recommend. Hey, sometimes one size does fit all. The ipv2 50 watt box mod confirms that!

iI short…The IPV2 50 watt mod is everything I wanted and more. I love the Hana Modz DNA 30 Clone and they both have advantages. Unlike the Hana Modz DNA 30 and Zana Modz DNA 30 clone, the IPV2 is not a pass through device however, you can update the firmware and that appeals to the teachy in me. I have only owned mine a for a short times and so far I am very ipressed. I especially like the “Touch sensor firing button” on the top. And who doesn’t love 50 watts of power?

About PG/VG Levels in E-Liquids / E-juice?

E-juice PG/VG Ratios de-mystified…

new-cuttwood-unicorn-milk-clear-e-juice-vaporlifeusaConfused about VG/PG ratios in e-liquids? What does it all mean? Don’t worry, Vapor Life has you covered. Each e-liquid is set to a basic “industry standard” mix (with the exception of nic level). Just pick your favorite flavor and desired nicotine level. High quality e-liquids should have  have a smooth, full bodied taste with a good deal of vapor as well as a good throat hit.  If there is a little something missing you can adjust the nicotine levels accordingly.

Vapor Life’s knowledgeable staff can help guide you to the right flavors, nic levels and brands to ensure you have the best vaping experience!

PG/VG Blends… What Does It All Mean?

There are 3 main ingredients in E-Lquid and they are PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) and flavoring.
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is a thick, sweet liquid.  VG produces luscious clouds of vapor.  VG also imparts a sweeter taste to your liquid.
VG carries the flavor so when you find a 99%  e-liquids it usually has a very low nicotine level like .03 mg.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a much thinner tasteless liquid. PG produces more of a “throat hit” than VG does, which simulates the feel of smoking better.  PG is the ingredient that carries the nicotine.  Food grade PG is perfectly safe and is used in nearly 98% of all products ingested, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics sold in the USA.
PG also has a higher rate of sensitivity for some people, meaning that some people just can’t use high PG e liquids for long periods of time as their all day vape. However, a higher PG content is great if you are new to vaping and you are trying to quit smoking harmful cigarettes due to the powerful throat hit.

PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin) is generally 70% PG and 30% VG for most e-liquid/e-juice on the market.  For example, if you want more of a throat hit when vaping, choose a high PG ratio like 80/20 or 70/30 PG/VG. If huge vapor clouds and a more pronounced flavor is more to your liking  you will want a higher VG blend like 50/50 or 40/60 PG/VG for your desired result.
Please note, there is no such thing as  100% VG in e-liquids that contain nicotine.. All e-liquids that contain nicotine need to have at least 1% PG or alcohol to carry the nicotine and promote wicking. The 1% PG e-liquid usually have very low (.03) nicotine levels. They are great for mechanical mods and individuals who have reduced their dependance on nicotine.
Let’s face it…we were all newbies once and our professional vapor consultants at Vapor life can help you to stop smoking harmful cigarettes and start vaping. Hope this clears up some of the confusion. Never be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help.


Introducing The New Vapor Life App For iPhone and Android

Download The Free Vapor Life App Today

Available at The iTunes App Store  and  Google Play

Download the free Vapor Life app for iPhone and Android. Vapor Life is South Florida’s  premier vapor source for high quality, name brand vaporizers, mods, batteries, e-liquids, accessories and DIY replacement parts. Keep abreast of new Vapor Life store openings and specials in Broward County, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County FL.

The Vapor Life  App has special features like the Ohms Law Calculator and a special tab to check user money savings and daily health improvements while quitting smoking and start using vaporizers.The Vapor Life App allows the users to be in contact the nearest Vapor Life stores while on the go and share publicly or message other users. The Vapor Life App tracks  coupon rewards for frequent visitors. Up to date real time news from the e-cigarette industry all over the world.


Download the Free Vapor Life App

vapor life app available at itunes app store

vapor life app available on google play




New Arrivals – Two New Dual 18650 Box Mods

Hottest Wood Box Mods by Puff Box Mods and Juicy Vapes 

The Puff Box Dual 18650 Mod (Makers of the Hegaton Mod)



The Juice Box Dual 18650 made by Juicy Vapes

Dual 18650 pure copper negative battery terminals silver plated copper positive battery terminals Copper plated button featuring a gold plated brass 510 connection runs on dual 18650 Sony 30 amp (vtc4/vtc5) ONLY! Pushing 60 amps and 5,000 mah

juicebox-mod-light-wood-vaporlifeusaYou know you want it!
Very Limited Quantity! Get your Pre-Order in Now.
ETA 5/14/2014



Cuttwood Unicorn Milk Update…

Now Available in Miami, Hollywood, Plantation Ft Lauderdale, Sunrise, Lauderhill, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach Vapor Life Stores

new-cuttwood-unicorn-milk-clear-e-juice-vaporlifeusaIt’s been a long time waiting for Cuttwood Unicorn Milk to finally hit the shelves in all of  our Vapor Life retail stores. With so many back orders and subsequent reformulation, we had to meet the demand of people who had ordered Cuttwood Unicorn Milk as far back as Mid February. As it turns out, Vapor Life was one of the very few retailers to receive the  the initial shipment and word spread fast. We received so many orders in 1 day, our server crashed.  No one could have prepared for for the popularity and subsequent manufacturer delay due to reformulation. We have received nothing but glowing reviews about how good Cuttwood Unicorn Milk tastes and 99.9% out of 100% of consumers affirm that “it truly does love up to the hype!” Cuttwood Unicorn Milk It is THAT GOOD. I INOW, WHO WOULD BELIVEE IT?!?!?!?!? IDK!!!!!
Cutwood Unicorn Milk E Liquid literally flies off the shelf so hurry in to your nearest Vapor Life location and claim your bottle of this tasty e juice today!

UPDATE: No sooner did we post this than all Vapor Life stores have sold out of all but 12 mg Cuttwood Unicorn Milk. Vapor Life is expecting the next shipment early to mid next week at the time of this post (3/17/2014). Yes, it is THAT POPULAR and Cuttwood Unicorn Milk ABSOLUTELY lives up to the HYPE. Much to everyone’s surprise and delight. And occasionally frustration. No matter how much we buy, and we buy a lot, it never seems to be enough to keep up with the demand. We have never seen anything comparable to the  popularity of this one e liquid. Cuttwood Unicorn Milk has gone viral.

We apologize for any delay we are selling out faster than Cuttwood’s  ability to meet the demand. Please bear with us and check back with your nearest Vapor Life Store for status updates on Cuttwood Unicorn Milk.  We want everyone to enjoy the The” Nesquicky strawberry flavored” goodness,  as many have so aptly described, of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk! Tasting is believing!


New Arrivals – Nemesis Mod by HCigar


Hcigar Nemesis MOD:

  • High Quality 1:1 Clone
  • Solid Stainless Steel or Solid Brass Finish
  • Adjustable Silver-plated 510 Center Pin
  • Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
  • 510 threading will allow use of a wide variety of 510 Atomizers, Cartomizers, Clearomizers & Tanks
  • Includes all three (3) size tubes to allow use of 18350, 18490, 18500 & 18650 IMR batteries, button top or flat top
  • Can be “Kicked” to add variable wattage with use of 18350, 18490 & 18500 & 18650 IMR batteries
  • Will allow use of a Safety Fuse to add short circuit protection with use of 18350, 18490, 18500 & 18650 Li-ion batteries
  • Bottom switch / button design that is ‘lockable’
  • Ultra smooth threads & threading

 H Cigar is known for Producing the Highest Quality Clones Available

New Arrivals – Gummy Blood E-Liquid and Unicorn Blood E-Juice by Fusion Vapors

Deliciously available at Vapor Life Stores and Online at



Gummy Blood E-Liquid by Fuzion Vapors

Flavor: Sweet gummy candy with a splash of refreshing fruit with multiple changing fruit flavors
This is a classic gummy flavor, with multiple changing fruit flavors. You’ll notice some, watermelon, lemon-lime, orange and strawberry infused nicely into the expected gummi flavor. If you are a fan of gummi bears, gummi worms or anything GUMMY… you’ll love this juice!



Unicorn Blood E-Liquid by Fuzion Vapors

Flavor: Tastes exactly like rainbows -Tastes exactly like skittles with a lime-flavor on the exhale.
Very refreshing E Liquid that requires NO steeping.
Unicorns are the single most magical being that ever existed. Their blood is rumored to have magical powers and butterfly kisses. So, what does Unicorn Blood taste like exactly? It tastes just like Unicorn Blood should taste… fruity, sweet rainbow goodness that would make even the Nyan Cat jealous.

Unless you hate cute kitties, snuggly blankets and baby’s yawning… you’ll love this mystical e juice.


Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Liquid – Cuttwood is Producing a New Reformulated Clear Version of Their Delicious Unicorn Milk E-Juice

cuttwood-unicorn-milk-e-liquid-clear-vaporlifeusaWe have received confirmation that our order of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk  E-Liquid has been shipped and is arrived early The reformulated batch of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk will be a clear e-liquid. After reading of people’s issues with Unicorn Milk clogging coils and Cartos. Cuttwood is releasing a new coil friendly version of Unicorn Milk e-juice that will replace the original version, We were hoping to receive our shipment of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk e-juice earlier this week nut it’s here now and orders will be shipped Monday 3/3/2014.

The demand for Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Liquid has been overwhelming.  No doubt everyone involved, including the manufacturer, were caught a little off guard by the immediate popularity of this delicious e-liquid. The logistics of reformulating, bottling and shipping takes time and we appreciate everyone’s patience. It was worth waiting for because It REALLY IS THAT GOOD!

All Vapor Life staff will be on hand to process, pack and ship all back orders from the moment it arrives and will be staying up  late to ensure all orders are shipped out in 24 – 48 hours.

Anyone awaiting back orders of Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E-Liquid placed earlier in February can expect their orders to start shipping Monday  3/3/2014. Vaporlifeusa apologizes for any inconvenience and delay.

Cuttood Unicorn Milk Lives Up To The Hype.
Unicorn Milk IS THAT GOOD!

Yes, It is all that and more!

What THEY Say is True. “It is like E liquid Crack”

cuttwood-unicorn-milk-e-liquid-vaporlifeusaThat was what I read on social media and thought it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. Anytime a product or movie is over hyped it almost never lives up the buzz. The buzz isn’t a bunch of BS. YES, Cuttwood Unicorn Milk ELIQUID IS THAT GOOD.

I am not usually moved to write  product review but this just took me by surprise and blew my mind. Like a movie sequel that is better than the original film. You just don’t expect it. I have to say I am very impressed. Cuttwood Unicorn Milk  delivered with big time WOW FACTOR! Big Time flavor! This is truly Gourmet premium Ejuice.

Cutwood Unicorn Milk is everything they promised and then some. It looks like Pepto Bismal and has nearly the same consistency but it tastes like heaven in a bottle.
I have a reserve of special tanks that I save for only the “oh so special” E Liquids I encounter.” Much like people would save that ultra expensive bottle of wine for a very special occasion. Cuttwood Unicorn Milk E liquid is that special occasion that deserves one of those prized tanks.

I first tested it in a Boge clearomizer tank and despite the extra large hole punches I started getting dry hits within 40 minutes so when you purchase this ejuice expect to go through cartos and coils fast. But it is WELL WORTH IT! Buy extras! I would strongly suggest getting a 3rd hole punched in your cartomizer if you are using a clearomizer tank.

I generally keep my variable voltage batteries at 3.8 volts. I think I need to turn it down a click to 3.7.
Cuttwood Unicorn Milk is perfect for mechanical mods whether you use a direct drip atomizer or tank because 3.7 volts is just right. You wont want this ambrosia E liquid to get any thicker with excessive heat.

The flavor is almost indescribable. Not too sweet, not too milky, NOT BLAND, not especially fruity but somehow just right. It reminds me of a PERFECT STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE or Strawberry Nesquick E Juice. Everyone at my workplace kept asking me what smells so good. They told me my office smells like cotton candy. I was attracting co-workers like flies. LOL.  Bravo to the flavologists at Cuttwood for producing one of the finest, if not THE FINEST, Ejuice flavor I have ever had the pleasure to vape. It can only be described as heavenly!

 New Arrival – The Vaping Rabbit Hatter E Liquid

“Slice of Flan Napolitano”

the vaping rabbit flan napoliano e liquid vaporlifeusa copy

Very Limited Quantity

The Vaping Rabbit is made in small batches here in Los Angeles California.I use local flavoring businesses but also give the line a special and unique taste through a process called steam distillation.Steam distillation is basically a process where you extract the flavors of all real fruit, herbs, and spices by boiling them and capturing the concentrated flavor via steam an ingredient gives off when you boil it. I think thats what gives the Vaping Rabbit such a unique and palatable taste.
 From start to finish it takes about one month to produce a single bottle of our e liquid. Everything is hand crafted. 


New Arrival – GMS V Pinoy Mod – Black Cerakote

GMS-V BLACK Mod by V-Creations Made Exclusively for Vapor Life
Authentic Pinoy Mod – Not a Clone
Exclusive Limited Edition



       GMS-V-PINOY-MOD-BLACK-CERAKOTE-VAPORLIFE-MIAMI-FL GMS-V-Pinoy Mod-Black Cerakote-vaporlifeusa  


Vaporlife GMS V Mod Black Cerakote by V-Creations Features:

  • Vaporlife Signature on Bottom
  • Limited Edition
  • Less Voltage Drop than regular GMS
  • 304 stainless steel
  • top cap brass -firing button brass -(+)(-) pins pure 92.5 silver
  • Telescopic Mod can fit battery 18350 to 18650
  • Chip and nick proof – Virtually indestructible Cerakote finish ( Cerakote is the finish used on guns )

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