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New Arrival: Atmos Boss Dry Herb Vapor Pen

BEST Vaporizer 2014 –  100% Combustion FREE





Atmos Boss – Vaporizer Pen

The Atmos Boss is a premium vaporizer pen for use with dry herbs, and the first from US manufacturers, Atmos, to offer true vaporization with zero combustion.
The Boss is equipped with an anodized stainless steel heating chamber which features an embedded heating coil and a ceramic mesh filter.  Essentially, this means that your dried herbs cannot come into direct contact with the heating coil – the temperature is controlled perfectly to ensure that your herbs are heated evenly and thoroughly to a point just below combustion.  This results in a pure, smooth vapor, rich in flavours, terpenes and other active ingredients, yet free from carcinogens and particulates that are found in smoke from combusted plant matter.
In keeping with recent vaporizer designs from Atmos, the Boss is sleek, compact, portable and above all, discreet.  Atmos have made perhaps their best looking vap here; the exterior is all polished stainless steel with laser-engraved detail.  The Boss is the perfect size to slip in a pocket or handbag when not in use.

The Atmos Boss is the all new jewel in Atmos’ crown.  It is easily the best vap pen we have seen from Atmos and a strong contender for best portable vaporizer outright.  The Boss even comes pre-charged and ready to use straight from the box.  .
    •    1 x Atmos Boss Lithium Ion battery
    •    1 x Atmos Boss Heating Chamber
    •    1 x Ceramic filter
    •    1 x Mesh Filter
    •    1 x Atmos Rubber Mouthpiece
    •    1 x Cleaning Brush
    •    1 x Mini dabber Tool
    •    1 x Wall charger US Plug
    •    1 x Cordless USB Charger
    •    1 x User manual
    •    1 x Gift Box pack

Laser Embedded Design

The best pen vaporizer in the Industry has finally been released. Meet the Atmos Boss herbal vaporizer kit. There are the best vaporizers for sale if you are a person that loves vaporizing on the go. One of the biggest inventions for the Atmos boss was the sleek and elegant, standard durable titanium build. You could drop this pen vaporizer on the floor and it’d still be running like it was new. This vaporizer just came out July 21st 2014 so it is brand new to the industry and not many people own it.

 Durability & Power

It uses the highest quality heating materials to give you the ultimate vaporizing experience to worry about no problems of combustion when you are vaporizing. It runs on a powerful embedded heating element that gives users powerful heat that uses precise temperature control settings. The structure of the Atmos Boss is Anodized steel, it is scratch resistant and it is capable of withstanding the most common mistakes when handling a vaporizer, dropping it.

 Thick Vapor Clouds

Heating up in only 35 seconds, the Atmos Boss offers a truly quick vaporization experience with many durable functionality, you’ll be sure to be getting one of the best vaporizers in the world. This is a pen vaporizer that will produce very high quality vapor. Now when you open up the herb chamber, you’ll see no more black ash. The Atmos Boss is a vaporizer that produces true quality. Experience a wonderful vaporizing time and vape like a boss.

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